Orientation on contemporary writing for your studies

How contemporary form of writing proves advantageous for studies? Before answering this question, it is essential to introduce different genres of writing and describe its significance in the modern context. First of all, acquisition of writing skill is essential for any student and the same can be easily achieved through experience. Writing cannot be taught, but can be learned. To be specific, an instructor can act the role of a facilitator who initiates a student towards the process of writing. Learning is a spontaneous process within domestic spaces, but when it is superimposed into the scenario of educational institutions, it becomes non-spontaneous.

The principle of LSRW is fundamental behind writing, but listening is the torchbearer of writing. One can see that listening invokes the sensory mode of perception in human beings. Speaking is the next level of learning a language. An individual learns the basics of speaking by dealing with his or her private domain and with peers. Reading is the next level of learning, and the same is basically acquired during primary stages of education. The final level of the acquisition of a language is writing and it is generally considered as the end product of the aforementioned processes as a whole. So, the responsibility to help the students to learn the basics of language acquisition is primarily vested upon teachers. A brief orientation on the importance of writing experiment within different genres of academic works can help the student community to have deeper understanding on the same. First of all, the effort to develop intellectual writing skill is fully vested upon the student community as a whole. Within this scenario, students can inculcate alliteration and catchy words into the proposed works. A good writing should have same basic qualities including technical perfection, similar to that of the papers prepared by custom essay writing service providers. Traditional mode of writing supports technical perfection, but it discards the scope of innovativeness and imagination. Still, effective writing techniques can be adopted within classroom environment and it can boost-up students' confidence. Besides, students are expected to be active and writing for a social change in the modern context can help them to be productive citizens in future years. Power writing skill can be acquired by writers to go beyond the limits of traditional writing. Students must keep in mind that goals in writing can help them to have mastery over writing with ease. Writing is similar to discovery in which someone exploits and superimposes the scope of writing within its own different genres. But there must certain examples or models for students to imitate in the beginning and to surpass the same with confidence. Keep in mind that anytime is perfect for writing, but the element of creativity determines its effectiveness. Activity oriented writing can stimulate imagination and accelerate individual freedom to write in general.

1.Innovative writing experiment for academic works

Innovation is the improvement or up grading the existing ideas by adding more effective ideas. Modern societies are the cradles of innovation in each and every field of knowledge. Discovery cannot be considered as innovation, but inventions can be. To specific, discovery of an object cannot be considered as purely innovative because the thing which is discovered does exist before discovery. On the other side, the invented object is new and it can be considered as the end product of laborious effort and the urge to bring forth innovation. Within this scenario, the origin of different genres of writing is the end product of innovation in language and literature. For instance, the development of short story to novella and novel is not discovery but innovative modes of short story into novella and novel. Voluminous literary works with the characteristics of a novel is regarded as the innovative model of novels.

Pedantic knowledge never results in the application of the same in different fields and innovation as its extended version. Development of different genres into sub-genres is owing to socio-cultural influences in different societies. One can see that literature can deeply influence culture because innovative writing revolves around cultural characteristics and results in the origin of hybrid literary works. The vast panorama of literature, including different forms of literary works in local and global languages symbolizes innovation.

From a different angle of view, even a regional writer's attempt to reform literature with the help of experimentation can be regarded as innovation. Some writers who write and publish their works in global languages like English make use of phrases and usages used in their mother tongue (say, regional languages). In this way, regional phrases and usages become popular in global context. For example, the elements of magical realism inherent in the works of Latin American writers consist of regional phrases and usages from Latin American culture. The translated versions of the literary works from the aforementioned culture consist of the phrases and usages, and this is really innovative. On the other side, academic works provide less space for innovative writing experiments because it is formal way of writing, not casual, and students can seek help from custom essay writing service to master the skill of formal writing. If the instructor assigns papers related to literature or asks students to be imaginative, innovative writing experiments occur in the proposed completed papers. If the student community is ready to consider each and every assignment as the catalyst to conduct literary and language experimentations, instructors can expect innovative and vivid end products in the form of writing.

2.Developing intellectual writing skill

Abundance of skills is not a consideration in the digital world, but its effective usage in different contexts makes the difference. An intellectually high person may not prove successful in the digital world because he or she may be facing the problem of digital divide, originating from digital illiteracy. Per se, the usage of intellect for the purpose of boosting up writing skill can prove effective in the digital world. Higher education with specialization in different streams of education can help a student to mastery over the subject-matter, but there no proof to prove that higher education can result in the rapid development of writing skills. Some students who are bright is different subjects prove to be less successful in learning languages. On the other side, students who are bright in language acquisition prove to be less successful in learning different subjects. But some students in class-room environment may prove brilliant in all subjects and languages, and they are termed as gifted. Still, creative thinking is essential to learn the basics of writing for the digital age.

A person with high intellectual capacity may brood over different subjects and take less effort to make use of this capacity in a productive way. If they use their capacity to unmask their creativity, they may prove successful in transforming imagination into reality in written format. One can see that traditional mode of learning to write; following the LSRW theory cannot help an individual to head on the challenges put forth by the digital world. Instead, experience and unrestricted communication can be helpful to be competent in the digital world. Basic knowledge in different streams of knowledge and deep knowledge in one or two subjects added with the capacity to transform abstract ideas in concrete forms can be helpful.

Earlier, development of vocational skills added with compulsory education was considered as important for student community. But now, soft skills including communication, EQ, career attributes, etc. are generally considered as essential to go beyond one's limitations. The person who decides to develop writing skills must realize the fact that this skill is related to genetic factors. Without considering the aforementioned fact, effort to develop writing skills will become fruitless. For instance, it is not fair to imitate another person's writing style, but can accept its basic elements to create a genuine and unique style of writing. So, traditional mode of classroom instruction supports teacher oriented learning, and it is essential for the student community to go beyond this limitation by making use of writing and sharing ideas as an innovative method of communication.

3.Use alliteration and catchy for your intellectual works

The term alliteration is linked with English language, i.e. the repetition of similar sound in more than one word in a sentence. Alliteration is mainly used by poets so as to make their poetic works more attractive and enjoyable for those who are interested in reciting poems. One can see that repetition of similar sound in different words within the same sentence is really interesting because it boosts up the pitch, rhythm, intonation and the style of pronouncing different words. Rhythmic repetition is soothing for ears because people like to have temporary escapade from mechanical mode of life. The different sounds by birds and animals are partially or fully repetitive. For instance, mating songs sung by birds are repetitive and are transferred to next generations without any prior experience, but by the means of genetic exchange. So, alliteration is the music of life, whether it is produced by human beings or not.

Then, how to use alliterative and similar catchy words in creative writing? By listening to the jingles and advertisements in the media, one can easily identify that one among the key aspects of marketing is alliteration, apart from imitation. Alliteration provides the elements of creativity and vividness to normal mode of writing. Global brands choose alliterative headlines, brand names and products. For instance, 'Dunkin Donuts', the retailer brand name is alliterative and this sort of similarity in sound in linked words is really attractive. It is easier to pronounce alliterative words in sentences or the group of more than one word. Global brands make use of alliterative brand names and alliterative product names in the form of catchy words, simple quotes or jingles, to bring forth easiness to pronounce.

World renowned writers, especially poets are deeply interested in making use of alliteration in their works. Writes write in simple language by making use of simple sentence structure. Later, they alter their literary works by choosing alliterative words. This method of writing in simple language and adding alliterative words is applicable for prolific writers because they have less time to search for apt alliterative words. But in academic writing, unrestricted usage of alliterative words is not fair because academic writing is formal, not casual method of writing. So, it better to limit the usage of alliteration within the papers related to language and literature because instructors never expect alliteration in scientific papers.

4.A good writing is not a label but a lure

Similar to the topic under discussion, there is another saying or 'A good title is not a label but a lure', by Hayes B Jacobs. The above quote makes clear that a title of a literary work must be creative because it possesses the power to attract or distract the individual reader. If the reader feels that the title is attractive and is symbolic of the content, he or she will decide to go through it. If not, the reader will think that the content is not worthy enough read. To be specific, the attractiveness of the wrapper decides the popularity of a product. In the similar way, the catchy caption can determine the popularity of a book among the people with the habit of reading. So, renowned writers go through several topics and take final decision on the topic.

If the abovementioned idea is superimposed into the context of writing, it will prove that mere attractiveness of the title cannot attract serious readers. Instead, the content is a determinable factor which attracts or distracts the individual reader's attention and interest. If the opening is not curious enough to mesmerize the reader, it is irrational to expect the reader to continue reading.

Similar to an essay, any piece of writing is expected to contain a main point or theme, supporting evidences, and a few interesting examples. Within this scenario, custom essay writing service providing websites play an important role in creating awareness on the importance to follow basic rules in essay writing. This is the general outline, not a strict rule to be followed by all those who write. For instance, it is irrational to expect the aforementioned outline in the paragraph of a novel. Instead, different paragraphs in a novel must be linked to the main plot and sub-plots.

Different writers adopt different styles of writing because it is related to their individual freedom and the capacity to imagine and recreate it in the form of writing. Nowadays, writers never follow the traditional method of writing by making use of pedantic words to express literary creativity. Instead, they select simple sentences consisting of simple ideas. They are aware of the fact that there are less serious readers in the modern world and complexity distracts the readers. If the readers are not ready to accept the writing, writers will be forced to quit their job and this is most applicable in journalism. For instance, writings in modern media portals prove that the world is too fast and there is less time to be serious. Updates by seconds and minutes surpass the freshness of the outdated mode of media presentation in the form of writing, seen in online editions of newspapers and similar printed editions.

5.Amusive tips on diversity of writing

Diversity of writing can be considered as the byproduct of the origin, expansion, unexpected disappearance and regeneration of different societies and related cultural characteristics. For instance, ancient societies and cultures like Egyptian, and Mesopotamian were identified as the cradles of global culture. The people who lived during that time period developed unique formats for writing, at least, in the form of pictorial symbols. Gradually, some societies became prominent and some other societies became unimportant in the global scenario. The cultural characteristics of the societies which survived the trial of time spread to the nook and corner of the world. For instance, the development of European culture during Renaissance and Reformation diminished the scope of similar cultures and the whole world accepted the characteristics of modernity. This was not a rapid change, but progress through ages. Still, some ancient cultures survived and those who belong to the same are not yet ready to accept modernity. In a nutshell, survival and spread of certain cultures determined the scope of diversity in writing. Within this scenario, diversity of writing is interconnected with the spread of languages and the status as language with global outreach. There are several ideas to inculcate diversity in writing, some are pointed out below:

Basic knowledge in different languages can result in easier perception of the idea of diversity in writing.

Basic knowledge in the functioning of different languages in local, national and global contexts can help to inculcate diversity in writing.

Basic knowledge in sentence structure and grammar can help one to deal with diverse languages with ease.

Basic knowledge in dialectical differences and similarities with the same languages can help the writer to go beyond the limits of similarity in writing.

Basic knowledge in different languages and the difference in similar idioms and phrases can help the writer to amalgamate the cultural characteristics of different languages and culture in diverse writing contexts.

Deep knowledge in diverse writing can help writer to deal with common grammatical and typological errors.

Diverse writing helps a person to recreate imaginary worlds and inculcate strange cultural characteristics to the same, in the form of verbal expression.

Diverse writing helps a writer to shrink or expand different ideas within different genres of writing. For example, diverse writing helps a writer to shrink a novella to a novel and vice versa.

Diverse writing helps a writer to identify the difficulties and to recommend and adopt apt remedial solutions to rectify the same.

6.Traditional writing on a global cause

Traditional writing is generally considered as the engrossed up form of literary creativity. To be specific, the public considered writing as a process beyond the scope of normal modes of expression of creativity. Philosophical aspects of writing are considered as the pinnacle of traditional writing and renowned philosophers enjoyed mastery over other genres or writing. Essayists like Francis Bacon are regarded as philosophers among essayists who can write anything about any topic. This sort of easiness to write anything, but philosophical undercurrent is one among the characteristics of traditional writing. Similarly, philosophical works by Aristotle and Plato are generally considered as the best examples of traditional writing because the same is with universal appeal in the post modern context. But traditional mode of writing may not prove effective in the modern world because pedantic words and usages distract readers from going through the same.

General notion on the writers is that they are expected to be socially active and work to bring forth social change. So, writing for social change in the global context or writing for global cause is an important outcome expected from globally acclaimed writers. Nowadays, writers gain stardom and celebrity status because they are in the limelight of fame. Translation to global languages help regional writers to gain global acclaim and related celebrity status. When writer happens to be the centre of attraction, their fans expect them to make comments on global issues and act accordingly. On the other side, traditional writing is limited within the urge to express the idea or the motivational factor which influenced the writer's emotional equilibrium. The target audience of traditional writing is serious readers who feel that idea is important, not the way through which it is projected.

One can see that the unique writing style or the formal style of writing seen in newspapers and voluminous novels is similar to that of traditional writing. Writers within traditional writing conduct endless search for apt words and usages to sue in different situations. Traditional writing is symbolic of the writer's mastery of the target language and it determines the written piece's worth in the mainstream society. The best possible way to make use of traditional mode of writing for global cause is to discard pedantry and to inculcate the elements of modernity, i.e., the style of writing which suits the taste of the readers in the modern society. It is evident that modern writing is based upon the fact that the amalgamation of information and entertainment is suitable for writers.

7.Effective writing techniques

By saying ""Reading makes a full man, conversation a ready man, and writing an exact man", Francis Bacon pinpointed the importance of writing in communication. Writing is the most effective and demanding mode of communication because the writer is supposed to foresee the audience's pulse without having any face-to-face communication. Individual reader may go through writer's literary products after decades and centuries. Still, some of the writings by eminent writers who lived before centuries are still relevant, for example, Plato and Aristotle. How does this happen? The answer is simple, they were aware of effective and innovative writing techniques. Communication requires certain essential units to be combined into a single whole. Communicator is supposed to choose appropriate message and apt medium for effective communication. Reader must be able to extract the essence of the message and there are several tips and ideas to make a communication through writing effective.

Realize the ultimate aim and state it with evidence, mere passing along specific information cannot force the readers to contemplate upon a piece of writing, instead purposeful writing added with apt evidence and examples can.

Inculcate effective tone and temperament in writing like formal tone and temperament in formal writing and informal tone and temperament in informal writing because it suits the taste of the mass.

Clearer explanation of the purpose of writing can result in enhanced mode of readership because ambiguous explanation cannot bring forth proper communication between the sender (say, in written form) and the receiver. Make the reader realize that the message behind the written piece is important and beneficial for the reader.

Simple language can help the individual reader to enjoy the process of reading without any difficulty, and the writer is expected to create simple sentences in simple language. Divide paragraphs with apt topic sentences to help the reader to understand the theme of the specific paragraph at a glance.

Usage of third person perspective in writing is really innovative because it helps to keep the writer's individual response away from the end-product. Still, the overall tone of the piece of writing, and the writer's ideas, must be inherent and active. Avoid the usage of complicated sentence structure because it can distract the readers from going deeper into the piece of writing.

Avoid grammatical errors and unusual usages, better to allow another person to proofread and find out the errors, if any. Reading the piece of writing on one's own can help to identify errors and this idea can be applied after completing the process of writing.

Going through the main idea of the written piece and the search to find out whether the main idea is portrayed with supportive evidences or not can help the writer to transform the piece of writing from ordinariness to a surprising and glitzy one.

8. Write for a social change

Are the writers responsible for social change? Why some of them choose social activism as their main aim and unleash their creativity to bring forth social change? A worthy question to answer, isn't it? Writers are generally considered as the catalysts or tools to transform the society because they possess a mighty and strong weapon, i.e. the pen, or fingers to type, in the post-modern context. By the by, how can they transform the society? Is it possible to influence the mass? Yes, it is possible. Writing to bring forth social change is another level of writing. Writers can use their zeal and the skill to write to be in the forefront of social change. This can happen in private domains, public domains, local scenarios, and in global scenarios. There are thousands of people who like to follow their readers and to be the inseparable part of social change. They never consider a writer as a mere writer. Instead, they consider their favorite writer as a guide, as a philosopher they can follow.

Writers who write for social change are expected to:

Raise their voice in the form of writing, and acting as mouthpieces to help the downtrodden in the lowest step of the social ladder, who struggle to gain upward mobility in the mainstream society.

Empower the womenfolk by indulging and taking active against the serious problems faced by women in the society.

Share resources, like sharing evidences related to 'sting-journalism' and take measures to make sure that the same is published in the media.

Create awareness among the mass on serious issues faced by the society and force the political elite class to formulate innovative policies aiming to bring forth social change.

Get involved in social activism in different forms like creating awareness programs, acting as a link between the people and the ruling class, people and the judiciary, and people and the policymakers.

Writers who consider that they are responsible for social change cannot keep themselves aloof in their protective shells. Instead, they will make use of valuable information to bring forth social change. People expect writers to be away from self-centeredness and any sort of malpractice. But it is difficult for writers to keep themselves away from the influence of the darker side of modern society. On the other side, the origin and growth of the Internet helps modern writers to prepare themselves to head on the challenges with brevity. Besides, writers can make use of their writing skill to unmask truth and can be forerunners or torchbearers of social change because writing is not a mechanical job, but an innovative responsibility filled with creativity and truth.

9.Advance power writing skill

In formal situations, especially in the business world, written communication and the development of the related skill are pivotal. Business managers are expected to communicate in a formal way with their clients because it is the proper way and mode of communication in business deals. Power writing brings forth professionalism and it is essential to gain this skill through training and experience. By going through apt training, individuals who serve in the business field can develop their skill in writing and communicating with their senior officers, junior officers, and national and international clients, and custom essay writing service providers in the field can help them. While dealing with international clients, cultural difference related to work culture can hinder proper communication between business managers and international clients. So, it is essential to gain mastery over power writing by going through training programs and workshops related to the same. Power writing can help in several situations, including:

To gain the experience to prepare and categorize different documents related to business deals. This skill can help a person to transform the workplace environment an organized one because dealing with different documents without any preparation is a tiresome effort.

To express ideas in an interesting and pleasing, but formal manner. Still, expression of one's ideas within the business context must suit the taste of the listeners or clients because its essential purpose is business.

To make use of different tools as principles for expressing skills in the form of writing. There tools may vary in situations, but essential skills in dealing with different tools aiming to enhance the skill of power writing is important.

To spot and discard basic errors in preparing different documents within business environment. Business managers and other employees are expected to gain mastery in spotting and discarding basic errors in writing, and power writing skills can help them to do so.

To apply the basic principles of power writing in different contexts, including business correspondence. Business dealing is primarily formal and the expression of ideas and opinions come in the form of writing.

To enjoy the process of power writing and to sustain interest in job. Without interest in job, a business manager or similar person cannot with the pressure originating from different business dealings. So, power writing skills can boost up the effort to sustain interest in business environment.

To consider content marketing as a challenging and motivating entity. Content marketing is a different level of business, but it is hard to sustain interest in the same because genuine interest in business is essential to be proving one's worthiness and to be successful.

To gain the skill to deal with different levels of business contexts and to apply the prior knowledge related to power writing. Proper communication is essential to create warm relationships in different business scenarios, and power writing can be helpful to do so by reducing the scope of ambiguous statements in business writing.

10.Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines

Realize that dreams are mere dreams or just individual wishes to be fulfilled or not. It is not fair to wait for a miracle to happen in life and to enjoy its benefits in life. Dreams are within the limits of imagination and there is no evidence to prove that dreams can be real. On the other side, short-term and long-term goals can help an individual to go beyond the limits of dreaming. A person who dreams a better life is living in an unreal world. Everything is possible in a dreamy world, but it cannot alter reality. According to Sigmund Freud, dreams are the extended forms of unfulfilled desires. If a person cannot prove successful in real life, dream is helpful to be successful and happy in a dreamy world. But reality is entirely different and person with the habit of daydreaming hesitates to face the challenges of the real world.

The best possible way to deal with this problem is to link dream with goals or the utmost important things to be achieved in life, within limited time interval. People usually confuse dreams as their ultimate aims or goals. But it is not so. Dreams are imagination and goals are real. Dreams cannot produce any sort of positive output, and is worthless. Dreams force individuals to lead idle lives in imaginary worlds and this can harm the productivity and creativity of any individual. Dreams can help individuals to imagine about a bright future, but it does not help the individual to prepare and follow an action plan to achieve success in life. Individuals must consider dreams as the source of inspiration, not as a powerful entity which can change life from monotony to cheerfulness. Goals help individuals to realize the importance of active participation and single-minded dedication in different situations in human life as a whole.

When a person starts writing, there must be a goal, beyond the scope of a dream. A person who is living in a dreamy world can think about writing, but it does not help to write. The process of writing is not that much easier because several skills are to be combined to create warm atmosphere for writing. If a person's aim is to become an eminent essayist, mere dreaming cannot help because a dream cannot produce an essay. Instead, proper planning added with certain deadline can help an individual to prepare an essay. So, those who are interested in writing must realize the fact that dreaming endlessly cannot help to be successful in writing. Instead, writers must try to set deadlines to their dreams and the same can help them to achieve goals within the scenario of writing.

11.The art of writing is the art of discovering

The famous quote "The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe" by Gustave Flaubert is symbolic of the importance of the human urge to discover something from real life contexts and to ponder upon its scope. Within this scenario, writing is most helpful to have clearer understanding of the discovery from a different perspective. Human beings deal with life through different experiences and it determines the scope of success and failure in every walk of life. One can see that conversation is the grass-root level unit behind sharing ideas. At the same time, conversation enhances writing because communication between individuals is helpful to share innovative ideas. Human efficiency to perceive ideas is based upon intelligence and this determines the success of writing and communicating by the means of writing.

Before writing, the writer thinks about the inherent idea and collect data and evidence from different sources including real life situations. Generally, this is not an easier process because those write knows the stress and strain related to the process of creating ideas for a piece of writing. Even minute difference in sentence structure can harm the central idea of a piece of writing. So, writers take notes while going through different sources for the purpose of reference to the proposed piece of writing. After this, writers start writing by expanding the brief points by adding evidence and examples to the same. During this process, writers realize that writing is beyond the scope of face to face communication or conversation. While writing, new ideas and explanations become unearthed and its leads to innovative discoveries related to the art of writing.

Writing is the exact form of learning because a person who writes a lot possesses huge vocabulary. For instance, it is impossible to write without having proper understanding of words and its meaning. If one is familiar with the usage of a number of words with accurate meaning, the process of writing becomes similar to that of essays prepared with the help of custom essay writing service providers. If not, it is difficult to make use of writing as a tool to communicate with the audience or readers. To be specific, readers expect innovative ideas from a writer. Written piece must force the readers to brood upon the scope of the inherent theme. Writing helps the writer to have mastery over the subject matter of the piece of writing and to shed light into its darker sides. Eminent writers never lead the readers to the central theme in a direct manner. Instead, the leave some clues to the central theme and allow the readers to discover the same on their own. Within this scenario, the process of reading becomes interesting and the piece of writing is elevated to the level of excellence.

12.Model Essays Make Model Students

To set a benchmark of perfection is essential to have technical-know-how and to extract the most from the target population aiming to attain perfection. It is difficult to attain perfection without a benchmark facsimile because the same determines the finishing point or the pinnacle of perfection. Fully fledged perfection is essential in specific fields of knowledge in which minute mistakes may result in total failure. Within the scenario of education or the process of teaching and learning, board range of academic institutions boast of model students. Still, students struggle to prepare model essays because the criterion to assess the worth of writing in the form of essays, assignments etc., are different. Mere educational excellence cannot be considered as the basic criterion to assess the worthiness of student because the fundamental aim of education is to bring forth overall development.

Nowadays, higher education is becoming more expensive and academic excellence and related writing skills can help a student to gain mastery over the subject matter of instruction. Student community must be aware of the fact that they are expected to make use of the available resources in their educational institutions to boost up their academic excellence. The current generation, especially the student community knows that academic excellence added with extra-curricular excellence can help them to be successful in future years. Some students consider that it is a difficult task to prepare model essays because the benchmark for a model essay is high. Still, it is interesting to realize that benchmark essays are prepared by human beings, not by super humans.

If a student is ready to follow the basic rules of essay writing, preparing a model essay is not a hard nut to crack. Students are expected to follow certain fundamental rules related to the process of preparing an essay for a specific purpose. Different essays meet different and unique purposes and students are expected to identify the basic differences. Perfection related to writing is just a myth because people make use of different yardsticks to measure the same. So, it is better to aim perfection, but never expect the maximum because individual difference determines the effectiveness of the end product. The differences between the end product and the ultimate aim must not distract students from striving hard for more in future. In short, the effort to prepare a model essay is one among the ways for a student to be successful in the field of education.

13.There is no perfect time to write, its creativity

Individual difference and interest decides a writer's time to write, and the concept of ideal time to write is subjective. Some writers choose daytime and some other chooses night as the ideal time to unleash their writing skill. If one asks the writers about their time of writing, their answers will be different. During daytime, worldly affairs including family matters may hinder writers from the process of writing. Still, some writers make others know that writing is their work and nothing must hinder them from writing. Then, other will allow the writer to be free from worldly affairs and allow them to move on their pace. Within this scenario, one must realize the fact that writers who consider writing as a job utilize most of their time for writing. They collect data from different sources brood over the same and choose apt time to write. This type of writers knows that it is foolish to wait for the perfect time because any time is perfect for them.

A person's daily routine is rhythmic and related to the proper functioning of the 'biological clock'. For instance, human beings wake up in the morning, indulge in worldly affairs during day time, and go to bed during night. If this routine work is affected due to any reason, it can affect one's emotional equilibrium and can result is physical problems. Some may ignore health problems, but it is better to get rid of the unexpected changes (say, changes in routine work). Early and late mornings are ideal for a writer to write because the same is the most creative and productive time. When a person wakes up in the morning, mind is crystal clear and creativity is at its peak. One can see that a fresh mind can lead an individual to inculcate creativity in thought and action. When a writer decides to choose morning as the right time to write, readers can expect an excellent output in the form of an essay or a novel. Still, individual difference determines a writer's decision on the time to write. On the other side, some other writers choose early morning or late night to write. They know that nothing can hinder them from writing during the aforementioned time intervals. When the whole world is sleeping, writers can brood over the ideas and can take as much time to indulge in the process of writing. Still, this sort of writing may create emotional problems among writers because it is not fair to skip sleeping and utilize more energy for a single process. Sitting for hours can affect one's health and may result in health problems in future. Still, writing during late night and early morning is popular among renowned writers in general.

14.Reflecting on the activity for your academic writing

People indulge in different activities during their lifetime. Students are asked to make use of their activities to prepare reflective writings. Even writing a diary or anecdotal record is reflective writing. When an individual is asked to describe daily routine or a special day's routine, it might to be difficult to describe the same in oral form. But when the same topic is used to prepare a reflective essay, the same individual may feel helpless because there are several differences in conveying a message with the help of oral method and written method. Reflections on specific activities demand keen observation and memory. To be specific, the person who writes a reflective essay is expected to view certain activities from different perspectives and to prepare a reflective essay based on observation. The ideas originating from the observation on an incident may differ because individuals perceive incidents in different ways. For instance, an instructor asks students to write a reflective essay on a similar topic. One cannot expect same output from the students because their points of views are different. Similarly, creativity determines the success of a reflective writing piece.

There are different types of reflective writing, and some are mentioned and described under:

Journal writing: This type of reflective writing is expected to include the writer's expressions on weekly basis. Besides, journal writing is done till the end of an academic year or semester. Some instructors ask their students to express their opinions on the content of the courses and course materials. This sort of overall opinion on class, course content and related study materials is to be included in a journal entry.

Diary entry: Usually, students are asked to prepare diary entries, but not in the form of individual writing. To be specific, diary entries are the by-products of group discussion and participation each member in the same. After group participation in different activities, instructors ask their students to write down their opinions and expressions on the same. This can help an individual instructor to know how students consider different activities in class-room environment.

Peer-review: Usually, instructors assign individual assignments to different students and expect them to complete the same on their own. Students collect information for the proposed assignment, prepare, and submit it to their instructors. Students never try to go through the assignments prepared by their classmates because they know that they are expected to complete it by making use of personal effort. But, peer-reviews are different because instructors ask the students to go through the assignments prepared by their classmates and review it. In short, activity oriented instruction is essential to prepare individual reviews, diary entries, and journal entries. Reflective mode of writing helps student community to realize the importance of observation and related outcome in the form of writing.

15.Write freely and as rapidly as possible for intellectual

Crystal clear minds act as a catalyst for creative writing and related free flow of creativity. Intellectual capacity to perceive things from different angles and to pen down the same is unique. To be specific, writers who possess high level of rational thinking are generally considered as the masterminds behind philosophical writing. Deep level of contemplation on different and unique topics is essential to write freely. Creativity is an inbuilt talent which cannot be acquired with the help of experience. A person with creativity can easily identify interesting facts in uninteresting and dull topics. On the other side, people with less creativity consider that it is difficult to write about dull topics because their level of intelligence and intellectual capacity proves to be minimal.

When a person tries to write freely on a particular topic, intellectual level and creativity determines the effectiveness of the output. When creativity is totally drained (say, writer's block), it is essential to give a short break for the brain to come up with apt solution. Short break from routine work can help an individual to fill the mind with creative ideas. One can easily identify that fact that idle minds cannot come up with creative and innovative ideas. Worldly affairs entrap individuals in emotional problems and it can exert negative influence upon creativity. So, it is essential for a writer to keep aloof from distracting circumstances because human brain can be easily influenced by worldly affairs.

Physical fitness and creativity are interconnected entities with immense influence upon one another. A physically fit individual can think freely because there are no health problems to distract from the process of thinking and acting accordingly. Exercising must the integral part of one's daily routine and it can bring forth peacefulness and related creative mindedness will be an added advantage. Exercise stimulates divergent thinking and it can stimulate one's creativity. Similarly, less noise or no noise stimulates thinking and it can help an individual to come up with creative ideas. Ambient noise is ideal to stimulate creativity because it is difficult to write in noisy ambiance. From a different angle of view, creativity does not create anything new. Instead, creativity connects existing facts or knowledge in a different but interesting way. In short, a free and open mind is the window to creativity, but one must be ready to act accordingly, or to exploit the scope of an opportunity in a positive way.

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