Overloaded Essay Writing Assignments - Killing Students A Root Cause For Stress and Suicide Among College Students?

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What EssayAcademia's Survey Reveals ?




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The academic field has ever been put under the threat of impulsive actions from students which often go to the extent of committing suicide. Various clinical psychiatrists observe a number of reasons for this deadly practice among teens at schools and colleges. The survey conducted by EssayAcademia underlines the fact that young children resort to suicide for trivial issues. However, psychological pressure they undergo due to the increased number of academic assignments has a crucial role in it. It is worthwhile to ask ourselves therefore, that do, actually, overloaded essay writing assignments lead young children to commit suicide? So many instances from the United States can be traced to confirm that suicide is the single major threat faced by schools and colleges across the country. Why students commit suicide? There can be a number of reasons. But stress due to overburdened academic assignments leads most of the students to extreme frustration and disillusionment. Students have a feeling that if they cannot submit the assignments on time, their entire academic life is spoiled. This misconception brings about impulsive behavior from them which include committing suicide.

Bullying by Teachers

Incompetent and unkind teachers employ irrational teaching strategies and practices inside class rooms. Kevin Caruso reports such an incident where a teacher who bullied her students permanently. The students always complained about her both verbal and physical abuses. All the students were terrified of her and no one could study any topics taught by her. The report says “many students complained that they were punished if they did not go to school because they were sick; and they said that the teacher denied them recess for as many days as they were absent” (msnbc.com news services, 2007). All these incidents make them feel frustrated. In addition to skipping academic activities, they even think of discontinuing their academic course itself and stay away from academic life eternally.

In response to stress and strain, it is commonly seen that the students injure and make themselves physically unfit to go to schools (What Is Self-Injury or Self-Mutilation? n. d.). Behavioral problems like vandalism and self injury are widespread among students who are tensed over pending academic assignments. They resort to self injury so as to divert their thoughts from their problems. The teen who involves in self injury said, “I have 32 scars on my arms and legs. I don't want to do this anymore, but it takes the pain away. If I didn't cut myself, I'd cry, and that would be the worst thing. I always take a shower after I cut myself because they bleed a lot. Then I wear pants the next day to hide it" (Caruso, n. d.) To avoid this, it is always advisable to bring them back from this dangerous habit, they must be sent to psychiatrists in the early stage itself.

What CDS Says About It?

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDS) also reveals that suicide rate has jumped for kids and young adults. The rate rose by an alarming 8% in 2004. NBC’s Tom Costello reports that suicide had largest annual rise in 15 years among 10-24 year olds. The U.S. CDS has has observed that suicides among children and young adults rose by an alarming 8 percent in 2004 and it goes on increasing. The CDS adds that “in 2004, 4,599 children and adults aged 10 to 24 committed suicide, making it the third leading cause of death in that age group. The suicide rate for 10 to 24-year-olds rose to 7.32 deaths per 100,000 in 2004 from 6.78 deaths per 100,000 in 2003” (Msnbc.com news services, 2007)

Survey Conducted By EssayAcademia:

(Source: Primary Data)

A Comprehensive survey has been undertaken by EssayAcademia among students of all levels from United States to address the issue precisely. EssayAcademia rolls out thousands of essay writing help orders each day and the research team decided to conduct a survey among the students in pursuit of finding the fact behind these stories. Only students who ordered essays with a deadline of 1 day are subjected to this survey and are asked a few questions via online distribution of questionnaire. The survey was meant to assess the students’ attitudes towards mounting essay assignments from schools/ college/universities. The questionnaire was designed in such a way that students were asked to opt one of four options given for each question. Altogether, 15 questions were asked. One of the questions was:

(Excerpt from Questionnaire)

"What would you do if you don’t receive this essay before your deadline, seriously?" and the options given were
NOTE: There were a total participants of 1634 students provided that all of them are who ordered essays with 1 day as deadline.
Ask permission for one more day
Take a Leave and go to college once the essay is ready
Think about suicide/Commit suicide
They cant eat my head

Questionnaires were distributed online among 2000 students, who ordered essays from EssayAcademia during the period of 2009 March to 2010 March with one day or less than one day deadline. The response rate was 81.7 and in numbers, it turns out to be 1634 students filled and sent back the questionnaire. Of the total students who participated in the survey, 40% are American students of age ranging from 14 to 25 years.

The result of the survey indicates that not less than 75% of the students selected the third option. Even though many of the students hit 3rd choice, it does not necessarily mean that they would directly go for committing suicide if they fail to submit the papers on time. But it gives a clear indication that the students are very much worried over submitting academic assignments on time and every time they think about even committing suicide unless they could not keep their words.

Another survey conducted by EssayAcademia among the students from the same country who ordered essays during the same period of time with a deadline of 5 days or more reveals an absolute different statistics. They were asked more or less same questions and it is amazing to see that just 14% of them hit third one as their best option. It clearly shows that the students are anxious about deadline, but if they have enough time to prepare the assignments, they are not much distressed. Therefore, it is wise to conclude that those who are forced to submit papers all of a sudden feel depressed intensely than those with enough deadline.

(Source: Primary Data)

What these two survey results find that students are overburdened with too much of assignments and only a very few students can submit them keeping the deadline. Those who fail regularly to produce the work on time are likely to become tensed and depressed extremely which definitely leads to depression and suicide thoughts/tendency. The responses of the students are a sure signal that now or later if pressured with the same overloaded tasks, they may tend to think of extreme measures. Such students’ minds are very vulnerable to commit suicide. The survey has also observed that there are 30 types of different custom essay writing service companies operating in the USA. These companies meet the custom essay writing needs of students from all over the world. Students largely depend on these essay service companies and this itself indicates that students are over burdened with essays and other assignments from their schools/colleges.

Excerpts from Real Life Situations:

1. The Mother Of The Victim Tells Her Story:

It is really a pathetic situation that lots of mothers loss their children like this. Cindy Baker wants the entire society to view the issue of suicide in a more serious way. Her son, Tieg Baker, is a representative of thousands of students who commit suicide as a result of stress and strain. "I share his story very often," she said. "My hope is to prevent another student from doing the same thing. One of the outreach programs Baker helps with now is called "Hold On." Every time I see the slogan I want to say 'Hold on to your kids and don't let them go,'" she said. "But that's not the answer. The answer is let them go, but watch them. Love them" (Fantz, 2009).

Statistics from Suicide.org:

Getting admitted to a new academic environment is tough in the initial days. It takes some time for the students to cope with the new situation. If they are assigned with many academic tasks, the condition becomes worse. Suicide.org identifies suicide to be a vibrant issue in the whole academics. The US suicide statistics published by suicide.org for the year 2005 is really shocking.

2. Father Suing School District over Son's Suicide

Reports indicate that mistreatment from schools affects the students tremendously. Parents suing school authorities over children’s plight at schools is not a fresh incident. Curtis Damm, the father of a school going child has filed a petition against the school over his son’s issue. The son, Cody Monks-Damm, was suspended from the school and the boy could no more tolerate this ‘disgrace’. He was found missing and the very next day, his dead body was recovered. As far as various educational institutions are concerned, this incident is provocative. Each school has to take up necessary measures to treat the children in a less offensive manner. Unpleasant experiences at school often break the psychological harmony of the students which pave the way for complications. (Schimelpfening, 2007)

Those who need essay writing help can rightly access essay writing services to get out and out clarification on any topic. In addition to providing custom written papers, helpful guidelines can also be had from expert essay authors. Advice from experienced writers can have profound impact on writing. Tips from those who know the pulse of academic writing make the paper look outstanding.

3. Depression Leads to Suicide: The MIT Incident:

The most shocking incident occurred at MIT in April 2000: Elizabeth Shin, a brilliant student studying in one of the most competitive universities in America, burned herself to death due to tough academic activities at school (Talk.collegeconfidential.com, 2009). Though she prepares all her works brilliantly, she had to really struggle with a particular one. When Elizabeth found no hope in completing the assigned tasks, she naturally fell disheartened.

4. Report from ABC News:

The ABC news reports that suicide tendency among school children is a critical issue to be resolved in no time. The report gives the details of an incident occurred at Norwood in Pennsylvania on 25th February, 2010 (ABC News, n. d.) An school student has taken his own life due to crushing strain and depression. The number of students who worry about writing essays is going up considerably. However, Dr. Michael DeStefano of Center for Comprehensive Treatment opines that “When suicides do happen, it does not necessarily mean that more will happen”. But it rightly shows the general tendency among the youngsters.

How Students themselves Find Solution? Frustrated Students Seeking Academic Help:

It is obvious that the student s feel depressed mostly because of the pressures from schools and colleges. They fail to face challenges in life. Overburden of essays makes the students frustrated and they cannot prepare the work all alone. They seek appeasing tips from professionals and academicians. Quite often, their frustration reaches the level that they feel like ending up the whole academic course. The following words are a true outcome of a frustrated student who does not know what to do with an essay assignment. “All I want to do is go curl up and sleep and not think about this essay, but I can’t, but all that’s going through my head now is "I’m far too stupid to get this done!” (thesite.org, n. d.). Such a situation eats up all confidence in students. In order to keep in pace with the academic works, they have to complete the work with certain kind of external help. They can rightly approach experienced teachers to get useful guidelines regarding the work.

Prevention is Always Better:

So far we have lost enough young children at schools and colleges. This is the high time to take adequate steps to regulate this cancerous tendency among young children. The root cause has to be found out to employ remedial measures.

Advice to Schools/Colleges:

Pressures from schools/colleges make the students nervous and anxious. In such a situation, they are not at all able to come up with educational excellence. Instead, they become depressed. A depressed student is likely to get rid of it as soon as possible. The only way he/she finds as a sudden resolution is to commit suicide. They must be redirected to sensible and rational thinking. The school authorities can do a lot in this matter.

The school authorities must rethink on academic activities imposing on students. It is desirable for the teachers to assign only doable tasks to the students. For all assignments, the teachers must ensure that whether they can do them within the allotted time. Mental harassment has to be avoided at any cost. The right approach from teachers can have tremendous impact on students’ attitude.

Advice to Parents:

It is very necessary for the parents to have a great understanding regarding the academic woks of the children. Quite often it happens that both the parents are engaged in their own profession. They get little time to care for their children. Parents have to recognize that what are the practical difficulties of their children in doing their academic works. If possible, they can extend their helping hand to their children in completing their works. However, it is the prime duty of the parents to teach the right attitude in children in their early age itself.

Advice to Students:

The ultimate one to make up one’s mind is the individual himself/herself. Anyone can overcome any hardships with strong determination and will power. The students have to form a logical outlook on things. Academic works deserve serious consideration. But being too much worried about it is disastrous. They must gain the peace of mind and start thinking logically. Suicide can never resolve any problems. Attempting it generates more problems. By becoming systematic, the students can successfully complete their academic tasks well in advance. The students who feel it difficult to bring out a convincing academic paper can think of getting professional assistance from reliable sources. In that way they can relieve stress and attain success at schools and colleges.

Practical Remedies:

The current academic schedule necessitates out and out effort from the part of the students to get their assignments done within the stipulated time. Keeping this in view, there thrived a large number of online custom essay writing services. One of the major disadvantages of such services is that they leave the students uncreative by preparing their full assignment for and on behalf of students. On scrutinizing those services, it is clear that most of them are illegitimate. However, there are certain genuine writing services like EssayAcademia, bestresearchpaper.co.uk and ukessays.com who insist students that custom written papers should not be used as an alternate for their submission but should be used only for reference purposes. They promote creativity and writing skill in students. Professional assistance from them helps to develop confidence to positively approach their essay writing assignments in future instead of falling under depression.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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