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Why Students Drop out?

Academic world has been facing  crucial crises of various natures. Among them, dropping out of students is a prime one. Statistics shows that lots of students withdraw from formal education all over the world. The reasons are many. Some drop out for trivial issues while others have major reasons. However, it is necessary to resolve this critical situation at any cost. Students are the pillars of the next generation. Without educating them, it is virtually impossible to make them fine citizens. Concerned authorities need to take immediate actions to monitor the problem.

Various surveys have been undertaken by different agencies to address this vibrant issue. Most of them put forward that stress at schools makes the students extremely frustrated. Overloaded essay assignments frighten them. The current educational scenario requires a number of academic activities from the part of students. They have to submit weekly written assignments without any dely. It often makes them lose all wits. Such students seem to fail in all exams and consequently they end up the academic course.

In some cases, it is seen that students discontinue education as they have to manage responsibilities at home. There are a number of students taking up part time jobs to meet family expenses. So they need to find time to earn. Tight academic schedules at schools and colleges do not give any free time for students to engage in their personal matters.  Ending up part time job would make their financial condition worse. As a result, education becomes a stumbling block. In this situation, the only way left is to break off.

Most of the students who discontinue school are found to perform poorly in classrooms. They are unsuccessful at study. They have problems in following the chapters taken in the class. They find it very difficult to complete home works. Struggling with too many academic tasks, they feel like suffocated.  The feeling that they cannot keep up the pace with other students makes them think of ending the academic courses and pursue some other vocations.

It is crystal clear that a large number of students in the present generation lack patience. They do things all of a sudden. Impulsive responses from them, in fact, invite many complexities. Burdened with too many academic activities, they think that they cannot complete them within the stipulated time.

What is done cannot be undone. Most of the students who drop out of schools regret later in life. No penalty can be granted for past blunders. What is lost is lost forever.  There is an organic time for attaining education. Childhood and adolescence are the most receptive periods. It is very hard to reinitiate learning at the inappropriate time. Topping it, there are certain restrictions with regard to age in admitting students in schools and colleges.

Lack of awareness on the importance of education can be regarded as one of the chief reasons behind student drop out. They do not know the scope of knowledge in the present world order. Lack of proper guidance from teachers and parents can be traced as one of the reasons behind it. Students stop learning as they do not know what to do with degrees.

Immediate measures have to be taken up to resolve the complex situation with regard to student drop out in schools and colleges. If the situation goes on like this, the entire academic world will have to face risk.