Writing Admission Essays - The Smart Way

Author: Joseph Tullos | Designation: Graduate School Essays Writer & Editor | Date Published: 2, June 2010

Most of the times, modern schools and organizations are not just satisfied with your test scores, extra curricular activities and awards, they are looking for something more, might be your attitude, your decision making ability and many factors subjected to the organization or school you are applying to. Admission essays are one of the most considered and highly regarded ways to recognize the actual personality and attitude of yours for most organizations. So it is very important to know the smartest ways of writing admission essays to outsmart your competitors even if they perform academically better than you. Since writing admission essay does not require you to follow a specific pattern of writing an essay, it is more or less about how well you can present your attitude and your previous experience through them to convince the selectors about your real capabilities.

There are different types of admission essays for various streams of education like college, law schools, business schools, graduate admissions essay, medical schools and more. With so many bright students with brilliant academic performance competing, you must take every step to ensure you score the maximum in each metrics. Admission essay writing is one of the most basic parameter to impress the selectors. When writing admission essays it is very important to understand these essays are a way to present your unique personality and explain how it can benefited by choosing the program offered and excel in it. The candidates must use some of their experiences that have proven they have an inclination towards the subject they choose. Even if you have plenty of experiences and reasons to choose the career you are looking for, writing it down into an interesting story is a haunting task for most students.

Here are some ways to write an interesting admission essay :

Brainstorming for the best incident or idea to prove your capabilities. When you brainstorm, you do not need to rule out ideas which at first may seem irrelevant, let them be there as it can be benefited later. You must ask few questions yourself to start with like a list of your major accomplishments, be careful not to rule out the trivial accomplishments as some of the most interesting admission essays are developed by placing them in the context of your life. You must also identify if there are any special qualities that make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and how beneficial it was for you in the past. You must also remember the most difficult times in your life, how you overcame it and how it benefited you afterwards. You should also consider your dreams, ambitions, some incidents which changed a belief that you were sure of, what your personality traits are and how your friends describe you, your favorite books and movies, if you have any heroes and how their life influenced and your community activities before finishing the brainstorming session.

Now you come to the most important part of the admission essay writing process , selecting your topic. You have brainstormed some of the most important factors in your life and have a list of experiences, feelings, ambitions and dreams in hand. Now you need to see the subject or the course you would like to enroll in the specific university or college and cross check for information in your brainstormed ideas to select the best and develop the essay on its basis. You must be careful not to include information that has listed elsewhere in your application and answer the questions asked with enough supporting points. You should also be careful not to write your essay negatively which tries to push your beliefs into others. You must keep your readers interest from the first word by thinking from a different point of view which makes your selector remembers you at the end of reading hundreds of essays.

And finally you should follow few basic things, even though basic, most fail to do. Answering the question in your essay by being yourself and original helps the most when writing an admission essay, which generates a genuine feeling. You should spend a little more time on your introduction and avoid using uncommon words, which would require a dictionary to get the meaning. You must also use transitional phrases to have a thread of information that answers the question completely. Finally proof read it and make necessary changes and avoid extra information to make your essay interesting and clearing your way to college or university or your choice.

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