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1Sample: 1

Type of Work: Admission Essay, Master Level

Topic: A Perspective on Self-Efficacy Beliefs for Academic Achievement

Style: Harvard

2Sample: 2

Type of Work: Research Paper

Case: Customer Relationship Management- A Strategic Approach

3Sample: 3

Type of Work: Case Analysis

Case: Six Sigma at Ford

4Sample: 4

Type of Work: Article

Topic: Soft Skills and the Employability Factor

Style: APA

5Sample: 5

Type of Work: Research Paper

Topic: Motives Behind the Use of Social Networking Sites: An Empirical Study

Style: Harvard

6Sample: 6

Type of Work: Essay

Topic: Innovation and Technology in Healthcare Sector

Style: MLA

7Sample: 7

Type of Work: Thesis

Title: Foreign Direct Investment, Spillovers, Linkages and Economic Development: A Case of China and India

Style: MLA

8Sample: 8

Type of Work: Personal Experience Essay

Title: A Rite of Passage

9Sample: 9

Type of Work: Research Proposal

Topic: Finance

Title: A Study on the Effect of Demographics and Personality on Investment Choice among UK Investors

Style: Harvard

10Sample: 10

Type of Work: Dissertation

Topic: Finance

Title: Under Pricing and After Market Performance- A Study on Indian Initial Public Offering

Style: APA