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Author: Maurice B. Morey | Designation: Arts Paper Writing Service Supervisor | Date Published: 13, June 2010

A description essay is used to describe something. These essays are used to provide a vivid picture of a person, a place, an object, an event or a debate. This is the only type of essay that might not require facts and estimates. A descriptive essay should provide information that makes a reader think and feel of what is being told in the essay. Rather than just providing data, the descriptive essay describes a thing, a location, a picture or an event using the way a writer think and feel about the subject or topic. Instead of using facts and statistics the description essays use observations and situations to make the reader imagine of the situation and feeling.

One of the simplest ways to write a descriptive essay is to just sit down and write what you see and understand from any particular place, event or a person. This is to make a reader show what actually you are talking about. The descriptive essay writing uses the technique of generating the feel of what actually happened, experienced, felt and perceived. This could be a narration of what you see, touch, think, taste and smell in a case which you are describing. The main aim should be to provide a complete picture in terms of description rather than facts and figures

Since writing a descriptive essay requires a little bit of imagination and writing skills, it would be ideal to follow some guidelines before writing one. The first point that you need to keep in mind is to show the readers what you have experienced, not what you have collected from research or from facts and figures. It should be an observation oriented description that makes the reader imagine and feel. You can ask some questions yourself before you write the description essay like deciding exactly what or who you are describing about, your reasons to write about it and the experiences or observations you have made on the qualities of the person or incident that you want to describe about. You should also determine what senses are you going to concentrate on and how can you engage your visitors by making them understand what you have experienced or perceived. It is very important to identify the words that can engage your visitors in what you are describing in your description and use them appropriately. There should be an effective order in telling different aspects of a person, a place or a thing to effectively recreate the same feeling in your readers. You should also avoid unnecessary information and each paragraph should focus on a single aspect.

The language you use in the descriptive essay you write should be more of imaginative and metaphorical language than of scientific data. You should remember that your description essay should neither be scientific nor factual always, it could be opinions. You can always endeavor to write and explain what you desire. It gives you the freedom to explain you observation, but that could be a problem if you don’t do it well. Remember to describe what you observe and feel actually and always include concrete and abstract images and ideas. It is quite common for students and inexperience writer to use adjectives and adverbs more than necessary by the misconception that they make observation more attractive. You should limit the no. of adverbs and adjectives to where it is necessary. This is the case with similes and metaphors, if overused they can also make your essay unclear and difficult to interpret. You should also make sure you follow the structure of a normal essay in the case of description essay too by making someone else read and suggest the mistakes in your essay.

The descriptive essay should also provide an idea of what aspects of a person, a place, a thing or an event are described in your essay and the conclusion should reiterate the introduction.

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