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October Report – Completed Custom Essays Statistics

From this month we are going to publish some statistical information about companies processed writing orders. These stats will be published every month end and its a chance to show our transparency to our customers.

Total Essays Writing Orders Received : 2650

Essays Completed: 2642

NOTE: Missed orders include wrong customer email id entered, no reply after free draft and 3 of those essays has been given inaccurate information in order to forward to research department.

Case Study Essays Orders Received: 3690

Case Study Essays Completed: 3688

Case Study is the area that keep both our research department and writing department busy 24/7. The 5 of the missed orders were all due to lack of information provided and thus the candidates who were ordered were not satisfied.

Term Papers Orders Received: 1540

Term Papers Completed: 1540

Other Essay Writing Orders Received: 775

Other Essay Writing Orders Completed: 775

Essay Writing Discounts Offered to: 3050 Orders

Thanks for being our customers.