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MHS Student Wins Environmental Essay Contest

The result of the Environmental essay contest, organized by Aquarion Water Company, is published on 1st July, 2010. Alex Peterson, a ninth grader is declared the winner of the contest. Alex was awarded a $500 savings bond for his 500 word essay on the topic “What would do to protect our water supply”. The contest was held at Millbury High School and the news about it got public attention due to the active participation of the students. The program was arranged to cultivate the environmental awareness in children. The present generation who has broken all the bondage with the environment is in need of out and out awareness on the matter from time to time. Promoting environmental stewardship among today’s youth is the prime aim of the organization. The essay contest was noted for its number of contestants and it is expected that it will pave the way for better understanding among the youngsters regarding the need of preserving nature for the generations to come. The outstanding performance showed by   Alex Peterson helped him to bag the prize at a tender age. His views on protecting the water supply are comprehensively stated in the essay with vivid descriptions and illustrations.

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