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Article 1

Title: A Fast Track Guide to Custom Essay Writing Services

Author: Travis S. Chacon | Designation: Senior Editor | Department: Editing and Proofreading

Excerpt: Essay writing is an integral part of the curriculum of all academic courses across the globe...

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Article 2

Title: Finding Reliable Essay Writing Company - How to Spot them?

Author: Deborah Croft | Designation: Product Manager at EssayAcademia

Excerpt: It is always difficult to select a single thing from a group of similar ones. Advancement in communication technology has facilitated the emergence of a number of essay writing services in the internet...

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Article 3

Title: Choosing the Best Essay Writing Services Company for your Academics

Author: James Herald | Designation: Chief Essays Supervisor | Date Published: 21, March 2010

Excerpt: The world of internet has indeed given many opportunities that help accomplish large number of goals. And one such facility is to find writing services or essay companies...

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Article 4

Title: Writing Admission Essays - The Smart Way

Author: Joseph Tullos | Designation: Graduate School Essays Writer & Editor | Date Published: 2, June 2010

Excerpt: Most of the times, modern schools and organizations are not just satisfied with your test scores, extracurricular activities and awards, they are looking for something more, might be your attitude, your decision making ability...

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Article 5

Title: Classification Essay Writing - How to Classify & Write

Author: Gerald G. Franco | Designation: Classification Essays Writing Specialist | Date Published: 5, June 2010

Excerpt: Classification essays are mostly used to categorize things in a logical useful way. The main aim is to categorize things...

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Article 6

Title: How to Get Written Authentic Term Papers

Author: Emily Scott | Designation: Term Paper Writing Specialist | Date Published: 24 March, 2010

Excerpt: The demands of higher education are growing quite taxing upon the students of late. An average student’s academic graph is punctuated with the many...

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Article 7

Title: Professional Guidelines to Write Perfect Essays

Author: Elizabeth Hurley | Designation: Senior Editor at Essay Academia | Date Published: 25 March, 2010

Excerpt: Writing an essay remains to be a hard nut to crack for many students. They find it difficult to come up with a reasonable essay for a number of reasons ...

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Article 8

Title: Get your dream Research Paper Professional: Help for US/UK Academics

Author: Randy Levy | Designation: Senior Writer at Essay Academia | Date Published: 1 April, 2010

Excerpt:Knowledge is power. Without a deep and proper knowledge base, no student from US or UK can ever dream of securing the dream marks ...

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Article 9

Title: Helping you with the Perfect Term Paper: EssayAcademia is here

Author: Randy Levy | Designation: Senior Writer at Essay Academia | Date Published: 1 April, 2010

Excerpt: UK education system is evolving into a more professionally organized system, with greater emphasis laid on the concept of practical implementation ...

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Article 10

Title: Descriptive Essay Writing - Smart way to write

Author: Maurice B. Morey | Designation: Arts Paper Writing Service Supervisor | Date Published: 13, June 2010

Excerpt: A description essay is used to describe something. These essays are used to provide a vivid picture of a person, a place, an object, an event or a debate ...

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Article 11

Title: How to Write Definition Essays

Author: Maurice B. Morey | Designation: Arts Paper Writing Service Supervisor | Date Published: 13, June 2010

Excerpt: A definition essay is an endeavor to explain the meaning of a particular word that can be tangible or intangible ...

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Article 12

Title: Writing Cause and Effect Essay - Tips & Guides

Author: Daniel B. Allen | Designation: Creative Esay Writing Expert | Date Published: 11, June 2010

Excerpt: Many students face the problem of differentiating the cause and effect when they are asked to write an essay using cause and effect method ...

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Article 13

Title: Developing Outline for Essay Writing

Author: Deborah V. Chandler | Designation: Chief Editor | Date Published: 14, June 2010

Excerpt: Developing outline for essay writing makes a student write his essay faster and efficiently. It is the major part of the prewriting process of an essay ...

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Article 14

Title: Overloaded Essay Writing Assignments - Killing Students: A Root Cause For Stress and Suicide Among College Students?

Excerpt: The academic field has ever been put under the threat of impulsive actions from students which often go to the extent of committing suicide...

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Article 15

Title: How to Write a Case Study

Excerpt: A case study is different from many other types academic writings in a number of ways. First of all, a case study requires out and out research from the part of the writers ...

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Article 16

Title: Ordering Essays Online

Author: John P. Layne | Designation: Editor at EA | Date Published: 19, July 2010

Excerpt: It has become imperative for students of all levels to order essays from online essay writing services ...

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Article 17

Title: How to Write Standard Essay Format

Author: Deborah Croft | Designation: Product Manager at EA | Date Published: 14, June 2010

Excerpt: An essay is called an essay because it follows some basic essay formats. Every writer who tries to write an essay should understand and follow a standard essay format ...

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Article 18

Title: Where To Turn For Authentic Case Studies

Author: Alexander Graham Date Published: 21 March, 2010

Excerpt: Every learning program is ultimately about learning language- this seems to be the case with our higher education system at present...

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